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Pharmacy Staffing and Solutions

As a healthcare professional, are you looking for a career opportunity specific to your needs?

Don't look any further! Complete Pharmacy Resources (CPR) is an unmatched provider of specialized pharmacy staffing services. CPR has direct and exclusive relationships with multiple hospitals throughout the country. If you are a Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, or Pharmacy Specialist, we offer short and long-term assignments along with permanent placement opportunities. How is CPR different? We get to know YOU. Only then can our experienced placement team give you employment choices that mirror your personal and professional needs. Join us today!

As an employer, are you looking for an accountable, reliable, and affordable pharmacy resource?

We are that resource. Complete Pharmacy Resources (CPR) specializes in staffing temporary and full-time pharmacy vacancies with licensed pharmacy leaders and support personnel. Our focused resource pool includes candidates with the ability to step into the following positions:

Director of Pharmacy
Staff Pharmacist
Clinical Pharmacist
Pharmacy Specialist
Certified Pharmacy Technician
Transitional Leader

CPR is dedicated to providing superior patient care. We have experience in a multitude of pharmacy settings. Our eager and reliable professionals will deliver relief, leadership, and expertise. CPR also offers a variety of project-based pharmacy resources to address and resolve challenges facing your pharmacy. Request coverage now!